Þingvellir - Jigsaw Puzzle (1000pcs)

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A beautiful 1000 piece jigsaw showing an overview of Þingvellir national park.

Þingvellir (Thing Fields) is a place in Bláskógabyggð in southwestern Iceland. Þingvellir is a site of historical, cultural, and geological importance and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland. It is the site of a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It is also home to Þingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland. Parliament or Alþingi was established at Þingvellir in 930 and remained there until 1798. Þingvellir National Park was founded in 1930 to protect the remains of the parliament site and was later expanded to protect natural phenomena in the surrounding area.

- 1000 puzzle pieces
- Square packaging
- Packing dimensions: 36,5 x 27,2 x 6,2 cm
- Size of puzzle: 48,5 x 68 cm
- Age:12+