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Shopicelandic.is opened in January 2010 and offers wide selection of Icelandic products from various Icelandic companies and manufacturers. Most popular Icelandic categories are Wool Yarn and related items, Icelandic Candy, Maps and Books on Iceland, Icelandic music and films and least but not last, Icelandic Souvenirs

Shopicelandic ehf

Lækjargata 2
101 Reykjavik

Tel: +354-445-8080
SSN 510110-0800

If you have any questions about our store don't hesitate to contact us and we welcome any questions.

Environmental Awareness

Here at Shopicelandic we're aware of our environmental footprint and we do our best to contain it.  We reuse packaging material as much as possible while making sure that all packages are secure and items be delivered in good conditions.  Many of our shipments are packaged in used shipping boxes in adequate shape and condition.
We use energy efficient lightings and sort our waste according to the local waste mangagement‘s directions.
Through these efforts we hope to minimize our impact on the Icelandic natural environment that we all so love and cherish.


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