Shark Liver Oil Capsules (120pc)

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Shark Liver Oil is regarded especially beneficial to the immune system as it is rich in alkoxyglycerols which support the production of white blood cells in our body.

Each capsule contains 500 mg Shark Liver Oil, thereof 80 mg alkoxyglycerol.  

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Recommended daily dose
1-2 capsules


Shark liver oil, gelatine, glycerine (E422).


Nutritioinal information 1 caps. 2 caps. 100 g
Energy 21 kJ 43 kJ 3,082 kJ
Protein 0.13 g 0.26 g 19 g
Carbohydrate 0.06 g 0.12 g 9 g
Fat 0.50 g 1.00 g 72 g
Alkoxyglycerols, 20% 80 mg 160 mg 100 g

The oil meets all official regulations in regards to environmental contaminants.
The oil is available in accordance with all major pharmacopoeias.
Please note that the recommended daily dosages can differentiate between markets.