Chukotka at the end of the world (DVD)

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Chukotka at the end of the world

A documentary about life and nature in Chukotka in Siberia and ongoing changes following the election of Mr. Roman Abramovich as governor in the year 2000.

What urges a person like Abramovich to be a governor at world´s end and even put a lot of effort and money to renovate and envigorate the small community of Chukotka?
What do the residents in Chukotka feel for Abramovich?
How is global warming affecting Chukotka?
These are some questions that four Icelanders, headed by geopyhiscist and author Ari Trausti Guðmundsson, tried to find answers for among the people; both indigenous people and immigrants, from reindeer hearders and youth to scientists and town mayors.

Format: All regions
Audio: Icelandic
Subtitles: English
Running time: 52 minutes
Production year: 2009