Autumn in Akureyri - Jigsaw Puzzle (1000pcs)

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Autumn in Akureyri

A beautiful 1000 piece jigsaw showing the town of Akureyri in its autumn best

Akureyri is an extremely attractive town located at the bottom of Eyjafjördur fjord by Pollurinn (the puddle), as the sea between the Oddeyri peninsula and the R. Eyjafjardará delta is called. The first settlers during the 9th century were Helgi Magri (Helgi the Lean) and Thórunn Hyrna. During the 17th century, Danish merchants built their base camp in Akureyri. Danish influences on the town were considerable, and the merchants made it one of the main trading ports in Iceland. As a result, Akureyri has often been called the "Danish town".

Rumour has it that Danish was spoken on Sundays well into the 20th century. Akureyri was granted municipal status in 1862. The town boasts a number of attractive places of interest, such as the ski-slopes in Mt. Hlídarfjall, Nonnahús (a museum dedicated to the writer Jón Sveinsson), the Public Park and Botanical Garden (Lystigardurinn), Kjarnaskógur woods and Akureyri Church.

- 1000 puzzle pieces
- Square packaging
- Packing dimensions: 36,5 x 27 x 6 cm
- Size of puzzle: 48,5 x 68 cm
- Age:12+