- Wild Hand Harvested Seaweed From Pure Icelandic Waters
- All Natural, No Preservatives

All seaweed made by Seaweed Iceland is dried under low heat to protect and retain important enzymes and delicate chemical compounds, and is suitable for those who are on a raw food diet.

Studies have shown that there are many health benefits from a diet which includes seaweed:

• Seaweed provides all the 56 minerals and trace elements the human body needs, as well as vitamins and chemical compounds that are fundamental in maintaining and regulating metabolism and hormone balance in the body.

• Kombu and Wakame include fibers that help the body get rid of heavy metals as well as reduce absorption of them.

• Seaweed is believed to provide protection against many common diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease,thyroid disease, infertility, and diabetes.

Seaweed Iceland is located in Grindavik, a small fishing village on the south coast of the Reykjanes peninsula. This sparsely inhabited area features pristine waters that are free of pollutants, and well suited to growing various types of seaweed.

We take pride in harvesting all of our seaweed by hand. The harvesting season lasts from early spring until late autumn, which allows us to pick different varieties of seaweed at their peak. We are careful to harvest the seaweed in a sustainable manner and always leave enough plants for regrowth.

Once we have completed the harvest, we air dry the seaweed at low temperatures (below 28 degrees celcius) in a closed drying facility. The electricity to do so comes from a geothermal plant 10 kilometers away and is completely renewable. We filter the intake air and control moisture throughout the drying process, and our dried products are then stored at low temperatures in a climate-controlled facility.