Islandia 1590 - Jigsaw Puzzle (1000pcs)

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Islandia 1590

An interesting 1000 piece jigsaw with an antique map of Iceland

This jigsaw puzzle is a perfect gift for those that love Iceland and all things Icelandic. It shows a map of the little island in the N-Atlantic from 1590, the lay of the land as Icelanders and travelers thought it to be at that time. The grand glacier Vatnajokull seems to be missing on the map and instead there are all sorts of mythical creatures circling the island, ready to attack at any time.

An educatiuonal and entertaining jigsaw

- 1000 puzzle pieces
- Square packaging
- Packing dimensions: 36,7 x 27,2 x 6,2 cm
- Size of puzzle: 68 x 48,5 cm
- Age:12+