Wasgij Christmas 8 - Christmas Getaway - Jigsaw Puzzle (1000pcs)

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A hilariously festive 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that illustrates the delights of visiting Santa's grotto – or that's what the customers were hoping for. The puzzle image depicts that time of the year when everyone is busy picking up their last Christmas presents and as a treat for being so good, parents are taking their children to see Santa Claus so they can give him their 'wish list'. But as the crowd builds up outside the grotto, something isn't quite right, and as Santa's 'little' helper pushes back the door, the crowd are shocked at what they've seen. Imagine you are the lady with blonde hair to the right and behind Santa's helper and try to imagine what it is looking at – that is what you are puzzling.

A hillarious and unconventional jigsaw from Jumbo. The picture you see on the box is not the puzzle picture but holds the clues to what the puzzle picture is. To complete a wasgij imagine what the characters in the box lid image can see! Have you got eyes in the back of your head?

The Wasgij range is extremely popular all over the world and a must-have for all avid puzzlers!


- 1000 puzzle pieces
- Square packaging
- Packing dimensions: 37 x 27 x 6 cm

Author: Graham Thompson
Producer: Jumbo
Age 12+

Size of puzzle: 68 x 49 cm

Product number  17227