Vatnajokull National Park (DVD)

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Vatnajokull Glacier National Park

Within Vatnajokull National Park in Iceland it is possible to experience most of everything that Iceland´s nature has to offer, so various is the landscape that the interaction between the glacier, volcanic eruptions, geothermal power and glacial rivers has created. The national park is among the biggest in Europe and Vatnajokull glacier is the biggest glacier in Europe. The park covers all of the glacier, as well as big areas surronding it or all together 14% of Iceland. And there are 10 active volcanoes within the park; 7 of wich are underneath the glacier itself!

The film about the National Park provides a vivid insight into the variety of the Park, making people want to visit and experience all the magical but often terrifying places it has to offer. And revives fond memories for those that have already visited the park.

The film was premiered in June 2013.

Running time: 50 minutes.
Audio: English and Icelandic
Format: All regions

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