Iceland's Favourite Places (DVD)

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Iceland's Favourite Places is a unique and user-friendly DVD with short films of over 100 Icelandic locations, renowned for their natural beauty and cultural interest. You will discover the amazing contrast in Icelandic landscape, from majestic glaciers and active volcanoes to stunning geothermal areas, powerful waterfalls and rugged lavafields.

The DVD includes commentary in seven different languages: English, French, German, Danish, Japanese, Chinese and Icelandic.

The beautiful images you will enjoy on this DVD were filmed in high-definition (HD) and the music especially composed. Enjoy an amazing journey where you discover your favourite Icelandic place.
This is a top quality, interactive DVD for tourists and people interested in discovering Iceland´s most favourite places.

Total running time of the DVD is 145 minutes.

It is region free (plays all over the world).

Iceland's Favourite Places was the number 1 best selling DVD 2007 in Iceland's biggest bookstore.

This is a top quality DVD for tourists and people interested in discovering Iceland's most favourite places.

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