Hjálmar - Skyjaborgin 2004-2014 (2CD)

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 Hjálmar is an Icelandic band formed in 2004 in Keflavík.

The band that started out as an Icelandic reggae experiment managed, despite the disbelief of established record labels, to touch the island's souls with its capturing mixture of sunny reggae and Icelandic musical roots. The band's authentic sound, sincerity and respect for the music and audience as well have made Hjálmar one of Iceland's most cherished bands with an appeal to a wide group of people. The band's live performances are extremely tight, energetic, and colorful and at the same time relaxed. Beautiful vibes overtake every crowd it performs before and people sing and chant along the contagious musical joy Hjálmar extends to its audience.

Skýjaborgin 2004-2014 is a best of Hjálmar, including their most popular songs like, Leiðin okkar allra, Ég vil fá mér kærustu, Borgin, Kindin Einar, Það sýnir sig, Geislinn í vatninu, Manstu, Bréfið and Til þín?
Total of 30 songs including 3 new songs, Lof, Skýjaborgina og Tilvonandi vor.

Published 26. september 2014