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Iceland's most controversial and cynical comedian puts his carrier aside to enter the country's chaotic political scene. Does he mean business or is this just one of his demented jokes?

As Iceland faced all-out economic collapse in 2009, popular comedic personality Jón Gnarr conceived the idea of the Best Party. What began as a satirical statement, attempting to parody both left-wing and right-wing parties, took on a life of its own in the Reykjavik mayoral campaign. The film documents the frantic vigour and absurdity that was Gnarr’s unlikely rise to office. With no background in politics, he ran on promises of a drug-free parliament by 2020, free towels in all the swimming pools and “all kinds of things for weaklings.” Fed up with the status quo, the mocking mayoral hopeful became a real contender. Gnarr and the Icelanders who elected him brilliantly expose the hypocrisy and performance of party politics. In a race that rivals the excitement of the Clinton-Obama showdown in the 2008 primary, Gnarr proves that amusement, fascination and provocation are the antidotes to political apathy. - Lynne Crocker, Hotdocs.

Genre: Documentary
Language: Icelandic and English
Director: Gaukur Úlfarsson
Main cast: Jón Gnarr, Heida Helgadóttir, Einar Örn, Óttar Proppé

Country: Iceland
Sound: Dolby digital 5.1
Length: 90 minutes
Premiere: November 12, 2010
Region 2