Blue Lagoon Sountrack 2 (CD)

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This great cd is from the known Icelandic DJ Margeir Ingólfsson.  Natural forces of the Blue Lagoon inspired Margeir Ingólfsson to make this great cd for the Blue Lagoon.  This is the second album DJ Margeir Ingólfsson makes for the Blue Lagoon.  This cd is inspired by the renewable energy source the Blue Lagoon is and the science used to harness this energy.

Track list:

1. Love Will Tear Us Apart Susanna and the magic..
2. Tomorrow The Durutti Column
3. Plumbicon Monolake
4. Serenity Prosumer
5. Tick Tock Peak:Shift
6. Trophy Bat For Lashes
7. In the City The Chromatics
8. Fortune Little Dragon
9. M Train  Loco Dice
 10.  King In My Empire  Rythm & Sound
 11.  Black Forest (Dub Mix)  Suedmilch
 12.  Pearls On A String  Plasmic
 13.  Run  Air
 14.  Watamu Beach (Moritz von Oswald)  Sebbo
 15.  Þrek og Tár  Haukur Morthens og Erpur
 16.  Hafið (Gluteus Maximus Rework)  Hjálmar