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Here we offer you links to free Icelandic knitting patterns for Lopi Wool Yarn. 
Click on a photo and PDF file opens in a separate window or tab. 
To be able to open a PDF file you must have Adobe Reader. You can download it free here

All the pattern files are in English (some available in other language too).

Bardarbunga wool hat
English | Danish | French

Holuhraun lava mittens
English | Danish


Fern Flower

Pink Pullover from Lopi 20

Neon Hat Pattern

Istex Anniversary wool sweater

Aftur - sweater and bag

Penguins wool sweater


Vormorgun - Spring morning vest

 Héla - short cardigan with zip

Bolero / Shrug

 Traditional Icelandic design (A837)

 Icelandic zip cardigan

Létt Lopi Vest  (also in French here)


Children's jumper, trousers and hat

 Icelandic sweater with horses