Icelandic Horses (Myrkvi) - Artwork by Úlfar Örn

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Four Quality Printed Artworks

An envelope with four printed artworks. Quality prints of oil paintings by Úlfar Örn. The pictures are printed on a high quality Arctic Volume paper 250 g.

Úlfar Örn is a renowned Icelandic artist, known for his paintings of the Icelandic horse. He has held numerous exhibitions both in Iceland and abroad. His paintings adorn walls around the world and are considered to have a quiet and comfortable presence. 

"In these works the mind and soul of the Icelandic horse is portrayed. Through the ages the Icelandic horse has been a companion of the Icelandic nation in the harsh and unforgiving nature of Iceland."

Beautiful memory of the Icelandic horse framed on your wall.

Size of each picture: 28x28 cm (photo size:26x26 cm)