Amabadama - Heyrðu mig nú (CD)

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The exuberant reggae outfit AmabAdamA have wrapped up their debut album. This Reykjavík based outfit has been at it for few years in various forms and their current set up has remained the same since the spring of 2013.

AmabAdamA have been creating their name as one of the most glowing live acts in the ever blooming Reykjavík music scene. Alongside musical projects like Hjálmar, Ojba Rasta and RVK Soundsystem they stand strong at the forefront of the arctic reggae scene of Iceland.

Heyrðu mig nú was mainly recorded by their lead male vocalist Gnúsi Yones whose neat production skills can be heard on both albums by Ojba Rasta and CELL7's magnificent CELLF.

1. Það sem þú gefur
2. Eldorado
3. Fljúgum hærra
4. Gaia
5. Hossa Hossa
6. Babylonkirkja
7. Óráð
8. Berðu höfuðið hátt
9. Hermenn
10. Mannsháttur