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Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, has changed dramatically over the last century. Population development has followed changes in the major trade sectors and services in the past few decades, with people moving in large numbers from the rural areas to the capital. In 1910 around 11.000 people lived in Reykjavík; approximately 13% of the nation. Today, close to half of the inhabitants of Iceland live in the city and its surrounding areas. And the born and bread Icelanders are not the only ones around. An enormous increase in tourism in recent years has changed the look of both the city and its society. Annually we welcome many guests from afar; actually they outnumber the locals several times and this of course does not go unnoticed. The city center is a lot more colourful and lively than before, the restaurants flourish as well as businesses offering all kinds of services and activities. Roaming the streets of Kvosin, the oldest part of Reykjavík, are now guests from all over the world, wondering what this tiny city on the edge of the world must have looked like a century ago. In this book we take a stroll with them, occasionally stopping and taking a look at how the houses or places looked 70-100 years ago – and what they look like today.
Join us on this expedition – an expedition of history, past and present. 

Let‘s take a look at Reykjavík then and now!