Road Sign - Reindeer

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Icelandic road sign with reindeer. Almost any Icelandic road sign can be ordered by special request.

Triangular Warning. Standard Icelandic road sign with reindeer.

Reindeer were brought to Iceland from Norway in the 18th century. The first two herds didn´t make it through the Icelandic winter but the third herd was brought to Iceland around 1850. Today the reindeers live only in East Iceland, mostly at higher elevations in summer but seek lower grasslands in winter. While their primary habitat is in the deserted expanses by Snaefell, reindeer are seen every year in the territory extending from Vopnafjordur in the north to the district of Sudursveit in the south. There is a strong demand for hunting permits, since reindeer meat is one of Icelandic nature’s greatest delicacies. The hunting is good for the herd because it keeps it from growing larger than 3.000 animals, which is what the land is estimated to sustain.  (Source, Iceland on the web).

Almost any Icelandic road sign can be ordered by special request!

Made in Iceland - specially for Shopicelandic online store.
Usually ships in 7-10 days.

Approx. height 60 cm / 23.6 in.
Material: 2.5 mm/ 0.1 in. thick aluminium.
Sign only (pole not included).