The Good Heart (DVD)

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Director and scriptwriter: Dagur Kári.

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Lucas has come to an existential dead-end. He is young and homeless, living in a cardboard box under the Brooklyn Bridge. With a total lack of prospects for the future, Lucas tries to commit suicide, but the attempt is a failure like everything else in his life. Recuperating in hospital Lucas is forced to share a room with Jacques, a grumpy old bar-owner whose unhealthy lifestyle has resulted in no fewer than five heart attacks. With no family and a high risk of passing away any minute, Jacques takes Lucas under his wing with the intention of passing on his legacy. Lucas moves in with Jacques and begins a hectic learning process in a bar that has totally its own set of rules and philosophies. Against all odds, Jacques and Lucas form a quirky friendship. Everything seems to be going according to plan.Until one rainy night when April, a drunken stewardess, strays into the bar. Lucas is unable to turn this beautiful stranger away and invites April to stay. This is a dramatic threat to Jacques´ plans and from that point on, things can only go wrong.

Drama / Comedy
Language: English
Region 2 dvd

Director: Dagur Kari
Scriptwriter: Dagur Kari
Main cast: Brian Cox, Paul Dano, Isild le Besco
Editor: Andri Steinn Gudmundsson
Cinematographer: Rasmus Videbæk
Music: Slowblow

Length: 90 minutes
Film gague/aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Production format: 35mm
Premiere date and year: September 11th 2009, Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada Pusan International Film Festival, Busan, S-Korea Gijon International Film Festival, Gijon, Spain
Göteborg International Film Festival, Göteborg, Sweden, January 29.-February 8.
SXSW Film Festival, Festival Favorites, Austin, USA, March 12.-20.
Off Plus Camera, Krakow, Poland, April 16. - 25.
Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Lübeck, Germany, November 3.- 7. Won the Audience Award.
Scanorama European Film Forum, Vilnius, Lithuania, November 11.-21.

Florist - Damian Young, Roger Verne - Bill Buell, Danish Guy - Nicolas Bro, Markus - Daniel Raymont, Chimnist - André De Shields, Garbage Man - Ed Wheeler, Chin Lee - Henry Yuk Lui, Psychiatrist - Stephen McKinley Henderson, Doctor - Darren Foreman, Nurse Nora - Susan Blommaert, Nurse Woo - Kim Songwon Brown, Nurse Mona - Alice Olivia Clarke, Nurse Sheila - Michelle J. Nelson, Nurse - Seth Sharp, Ben - Guy Conan Stewart, Dimitri - Clark Middleton, Sarah - Stephanie Szostak, The Farmer - Steve Axelrod, Mattie - Elissa Middleton, Security Guard - Aristedes Philip DuVal, Bar Regulars - Henry Lovell Smith; Alexander Zaklynsky; Carsten Thomas; Sruli Recht; Michael Pollock; Robert Nelson; Thorir Roff, Business Man - Sean McGlynn, Stranger - Kjartan Thorarinsson.