Okkar eigin Osló - Our own Oslo (DVD)

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Okkar eigin Oslo - trailer here.

The comedy Our Own Oslo is an everyday love story. We follow the strained courtship of the wildly differing Harald, forty year old engineer and Vilborg, an unemployed single mother. They are both tangled up in their own pasts and their attempts at love end in disaster. The humor in the movie is often black and firmly tied to the commonplace, but the compassion lies with the main characters who are trying their best.

The beautiful Icelandic countryside is the oposite of the common drone of Reykjavík city, the lover’s troubled, awkward courtship is the oposite of the magical world of Oslo, where the two met while traveling, in a sense on leave from their normal lives.

Harald and Vilborg are normal people we all know. They have their strengths and weaknesses. They make some questionable decisions, are often unlucky and clumsy at communication, but like the rest of us they are driven on by the simple quest for a better life, companionship, love and happiness.

Original title:
 Okkar eigin Osló
English title:
 Our Own Oslo
Genre: Relationship Comedy Drama
Language: Icelandic

 Reynir Lyngdal
Scriptwriter: Thorsteinn Gudmundsson

Main cast:

Thorsteinn Gudmundsson,
Brynhildur Gudjónsdóttir,
Hilmir Snaer Gudnason,
Thórhallur (Laddi) Sigurdsson,
Lilja Gudrún Thorvaldsdóttir,
María Heba Þorkelsdóttir,
Valgeir H. Skagfjörd

DVD out 17.11.2011
Region 2 dvd
English Subtitles