Köld Slóð - Cold Trail (DVD)

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Cold Trail
English subtitles

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The full length feature film "Cold Trail" was premiered in December 2006 . Work on location started in February 2006 and lased for 6 weeks.

Cold Trail is a thriller that revolves around a ruthless tabloid reporter, Baldur, who goes to any lengths to dig up a sensational story.

In the beginning of the story, a Security Guard is killed by an apparent accident in a remote and apparently haunted dam in the highlands of Iceland. At first, Baldur has no interest in the story; that is, until he discovers from his mother that the Security Guard was his biological father – a Man he never knew. Baldur becomes determined to find out more about his father and what happened to him, and leaves to investigate against the will of his editor.

He travels to the remote dam where the death occurred, under the disguise of a new security guard. He soon discovers that nothing is what it seems in this isolated place of Iceland. The crew working at the dam lives in a closed nit community and don't like strangers at all. They illegally hunt reindeers – a business organized by Petur who's the head of security at the dam – and Baldur's presence puts that business into jeopardy.

But it's Baldur's discovery of events, which happened twenty-five years earlier, involving a crime that his biological father and Petur were involved with, that put Baldur's life at risk.

Category: Feature Film
Production Date: February 2006
Co-Producer: Icelandic Film Centre
Director: Bjorn Br. Bjornsson
Produced by: Kristinn Thordarson & Magnus V. Sigurdsson
Running time 95min
Region 2 dvd
English Subtitles.

About the Director:
Mr. Bjornsson studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Iceland. After graduation, he started his career in graphic design as a Creative Director for the ad agency Gott Folk/McCann-Erickson before turning to directing commercials.
Today, Mr. Bjornsson is one of the most acclaimed and celebrated directors of his generation in Iceland, having dominated the Annual Icelandic Commercial Awards for the past decade. He's won six times the Commercial of the Year and five times the Campaign of the Year. Aside from directing commercials, Mr. Bjornsson has also directed documentaries and TV dramas.
Mr. Bjornsson received the Edda Awards for the docudrama "True Icelandic Crime." (The Edda Awards is the highest honor that an Icelandic filmmaker can receive.) Again, Mr. Bjornsson won the Edda Awards last year for his first drama made for television named Njals Saga.
Mr. Bjornsson is currently the chairman of the Icelandic Filmmakers Association and is on the board of the Film Council of Iceland
Cold trail will be Mr. Bjornsson's first feature film.

About the Producers:
Mr. Sigurdsson and Mr. Thordarson are producing partners and co-founders of the Icelandic production company Storm.
A few years back, Mr. Sigurdsson line produced the critically acclaimed "101 Reykjavik" with director Baltasar Kormakur. Whether producing a feature film, a quality documentary or a complicated foreign commercial making use of Icelandic nature, Mr. Sigurdsson has proven himself as one of Iceland's most prolific and experienced producer. Magnus has proven time and again his ability to bring projects in on time and on budget, without compromising the integrity of the project.
Mr. Thordarson splits his time between Reykjavik and Los Angeles, currently producing and writing projects on both sides of the Atlantic. A couple of years ago, Mr. Thordarson produced a 2.5 million dollar independent feature film in the United States. It was shot on location around Los Angeles and distributed by Porchlight Entertainment. Besides that, Mr. Thordarson has several other film projects under his belt and all together, they've produced about six feature films combined.