Thingvellir - In and out of sight

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In and out of Sight at Þingvellir / Þingvellir — í og úr sjónmáli

Þingvellir — by the river Öxará is an integral part of Icelandic history and culture.  Icelanders became a nation at Þingvellir and they continue to return here to mark their country’s milestones.  Every year, this national park attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

In this book, photographers Sigrún Kristjánsdóttir and Pálmi Bjarnason peer beneath the surface to capture unexpected moments beyond the beaten path, while Harpa Rún Kristjánsdóttir’s lyrical prose gives voice to the unseen.

224 pages, color photos

Published by Sæmundur Publishing Firm

Languages: Icelandic and English (bilingual)